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New server
A new high performance server with many new services was installed to make your websites and e-mail accounts administration more easier and comfortable. This server is configured with new powerful hardware and better data security.
New design
Along with realizing projects for our customers we found time to redesign our own website. We hope that our new design is more comprendious and that you can find very quickly everything you are looking for. We also enlarged the portfolio of our services.
New project
Currently a new software project is being implemented and tested. This web application will integrate a reservation system for schedule administration for healthcare and sports centers or other institutions which need a precious schedule plan.
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Our company

We are a young dynamic company focused on providing internet access, computer administration, system support and everything else connected with information technology. We realize, that computers became an important part of our life for most of us and a correct functioning system can spare a lot of time. At the same time a malfunctioning system can cause a lot of trouble. We believe, that a correct functioning system shouldn't be an exception, but a certainty. Many problems connected to computers can be handled by qualified expert in a few minutes and because of this, we want to provide for our customers a stable solution for a available price. We hope you will be satisfied with our services!